Dear Colleague,

The Mountain West Council of Optometrists (MWCO) was formed over 40 years ago and is proud to have provided exceptional CE beyond what was possible through state associations and other groups at that time. As times have changed and CE is much more available through commercial meetings, on-line etc. the need for a regional meeting has lessened over the years. The MWCO has seen a gradual decline in attendance due to these changes over the years while facing increasing overhead costs. The MWCO board of directors has now decided that the time for MWCO to cease operations has come.

We are grateful to all of the wonderful optometrists that have been a part of the long history of MWCO. It is because of you that we have fought for the past few years to keep going. We have had great times and have thoroughly enjoyed our association with each of you. Board members, speakers, vendors and especially the attendees have all been a great part in the success of a wonderful organization.

 Looking back, it’s very interesting to see the evolution of our profession. I’m sure many of you can remember a time when very little of the education involved treatment of eye disease. Now, the majority of lectures include information on how to better diagnose and manage ocular diseases. This has become a large part of optometry, but it’s not all of it. The heart and soul of optometry is caring for all of the visual needs of each and every patient, no matter the cause of the problem. That’s where optometry excels, the ability to manage everything from simple refractive changes to complex binocular abnormalities and even including the management of difficult ocular diseases. Optometry truly is the primary eye care provider. We hope that our education has helped each of you in becoming a better optometrist.

The board of directors at MWCO feels like all of you, the attendees, have become our family and we have made a great effort to provide for your educational needs over the years. There is great value in live group education and we can all gain knowledge from each lecture we attend. This comes not only from the presenter, but also much comes from other attendees and their experience. We encourage each of you to make live education at organized meetings a large part of your continuing education. Knowledge is gained, collegiality is built and friendships are formed.

Thank you for your years of support! We look forward to seeing you at other meetings in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Jeffrey K. Austin, OD

Robert P. Wooldridge, OD

Karl M. Larsen, OD

Jack Zarybnisky, OD

Tracy Abel, Executive Director